Random 2013

Ramadan TV questions
Random 2013

Q1) The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said: ‘Ad deenu naseeha, x3’ (Sahih Muslim) – The Deen is advice.  What did they mean by this?

(ref: Islam is a religion of advice. Which means it will not force a person to submit to its divine decrees.)

Q2) A person who spends his youth in the worship of Allah, but is unable to do so when he reaches old age.  What is Allah’s command for him?

(ref: Allah commands the angels to write down the rewards of good deeds as he used to do them in his youthful age. And, to overlook his mistakes he might commit due to his extreme old age. This servant who spent his youth in the worship of Allah has the unique opportunity of dying in Allah’s Grace and Mercy.)

Q3) Every book has a subject around which the narrative of the book is evolved.  What subject has Allah hosen for the Quran?
(ref: The subject of the Quran is Human beings. All its lessons and examples of morality have been revealed to help humans, especially the believers, shape their lives around the these examples.)

Q4) In Sura Al Fathiha Allah summaries the believers and in general the humanity into four groups of people:  What are these four groups?

(ref:  1) People who do not wish to gain the sacred knowledge nor want to act on the righteous way.
2)People who have knowledge but do not act on it.
3) People who are seemingly ‘pious’, by praying and fasting. But, do not have the correct essential knowledge, i.e they have incorrect beliefs or do not know how to pray correctly. people who define their own ideas of piety and righteousness.
4) The group of people who have the correct knowledge and act on it accrodingly; the siddiqin, the shuhada and the saliheen.

The explanation and extensive commentary of these four groups of people are given by Allah in the rest of the Quran. Where he Azzawajal discusses them under different examples and uses the stories of the past to bring to light the erroneous ways of people.)


Q5) Among the many other lessons from this sura Al Fathiha Allah. one of them is having compassion on creation.  How does Allah inform us of this in this Surah?

(ref: llah informs us he is the most compassionate and most kind, Ar Rahman   Ar Raheem. Like him azzawajal, we too can try at our own levels to be compassionate and kind towards creation. If a person truly wishes to follow and be considered the servant of Allah, then he too will have this quality of being compassionate and kind on the creation of Allah. Like the prophet (sallahu alihi wasallam) he too will try and attain the noble qualities of being just and caring towards others and not to himself only.)

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