Day of Resurrection

Abu Hurairah (may Allah be pleased with him) is reported as hading said: “Allah’s Messenger (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) once said:

‘When the Day of Resurrection has finally arrived, and all creatures have gathered together on a single piece of high ground “for a Day of which there is no doubt,” a black shadow will envelope them, and the darkness will be so intense that they will not be able to see one another. The assembled creatures will be standing on the balls of their feet [as they try to peer upwards], even though the distance between them and their Lord (Almighty and Glorious is He) will still be that of a journey that takes seventy years to complete.’

Allah the Exalted Manifests Himself to Angels

“He then went on to say (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him):

‘While they are in that situation, the Creator (Blessed and Exalted is He) will suddenly make Himself manifest to the angels. The earth will at once become radiant with the light of its Lord, and the darkness will vanish away. All those creatures will thus be enveloped in the light of their Lord, while the angels are circling around the Heavenly Throne, hymning the praise of their Lord and celebrating His holiness.’

Record of Deeds and Scales Brought Forward

“He then continued (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him):

‘While those creatures are all standing there in rows, with each religious community lined up in a separate area, the record sheets and the balance will suddenly be bought to the fore. The record sheets will be laid in the scale, while the balance is held suspended by the hand of one the angels, and they will sometimes cause it to rise up high, and at other times to sink down low.’

Unveiling of Paradise and Hell to the Assembled Creatures

“To this he added (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him):

‘While they are in that state, lo and behold, the screen will suddenly be removed from the Garden of Paradise, which will then be bought nearer. A wind will blow forth from inside it, and the Muslims will discover that it has a fragrant aroma like musk, even though the distance between them and the Garden of Paradise is still that of a journey that normally takes five hundred years to complete.

‘The lid will then be removed from Hell, and a wind will blow forth from it, together with a terrible cloud of smoke. The wicked sinners will thus discover that it has a stinking aroma, even though the distance between them and Hell is still that of a journey that normally takes five hundred years to complete.

‘He will then be bought closer, dragged along by means of an enormous chain, to which it has been firmly tied. Nineteen keepers, chosen from among the angels, will be tugging at that chain, and each of those keepers will be accompanied by seventy thousand other angels, serving as his assistants. While each of the nineteen keepers, together with his assistants, take a turn in dragging hell along, the other keepers, together with their assistants, will be walking to the right and left of it, and following up behind it. Each and every angel amongst them will hold in his hand grappling hook made of iron. They will shout and bellow as they goad Hell along, but its slow progress will be made to the accompaniment of moaning and sighing, staggering and stumbling, clouds of gloom and smoke, rattling and clanking noises, and a towering inferno stoked by the fury of its rage against its own inhabitants. Thus they will eventually install it in a position midway between the Garden of Paradise and the place where the resurrected creatures are kept standing.


The State of the Assembled Creatures in viewing Hell

‘At this point, Hell will lift its gaze. As soon as it spies the creatures assembled there, it will bolt towards them in order to devour them. Its keepers will have to pull on its chains to hold it in check, for if it were left to its own devices, it would pounce upon every believer and unbeliever without distinction. Once it sees that it has been effectively restrained from attacking the assembled throng of creatures, it will simmer and boil with an intensity that can hardly be distinguished from the most furious kind of rage. Then it will heave another sigh, and the resurrected creatures will hear the gnashing of its teeth. This will cause their hearts to shudder and tremble with alarm. They will fly into a state of panic, their eyes will glaze over, and their hearts will end up in their throats.”

Description of Hell

According to another report, somebody once said: “O Prophet of Allah. Describe Hell to us!” He responded to this (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) by saying:

Very well. Like this earth in magnitude. Seventy degrees of longitude. Dark black. It has seven heads, and each of its heads has thirty doors. The length of each of its doors is equal to the distance of a journey that would take three nights. Its upper lip protrudes against its nose, while it trails its lower lip on the ground. In each of its nostrils there is a shackle and an enormous chain, which is held in the grasp of seventy thousand angels, all of them rough, stern their teeth grimly gritted, their eyes like live coals, and their colours like the flames of fire. While their nostrils give vent to lofty columns of flame and smoke, they stand at the ready, prepared at all times to receive and carry out the command of the All-Compelling One (Blessed and Exalted is He).

Hell is a Lover of Allah

Then the Prophet (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) went on to say:

There will come a moment when Hell asks its Lord (Almighty and Glorious is He) for permission to perform an act of worshipful prostration. He will give it permission to do so, and Hell will thereupon adopt an attitude of prostration for as long as Allah wills. Then the All-Compelling One (Almighty and Glorious is He) will say “Now raise your head!”

He continued (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him):

Hell will raise its head at once, saying: “Praise be to Allah, who has made me the instrument by which He exacts retribution from those who disobey Him, and has not made anything in the whole of His creation an instrument by which to exact retribution from me!”

To this he added (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him):

Then Hell will say, over and over again, with a tongue that is fluent, and eloquent and smooth: “Praise be to Allah!” For as long as Allah wills, it will go on repeating this declaration of praise, in a loud voice peculiar to itself alone.

The Sigh of Hell overwhelms the Creatures with Fear

Then Hell will heave a deep sigh, which will so affect those who hear it that not a single one of them will fail to sink down on his knees—not one angel brought near to the Lord, not one prophet sent as a Messenger, and not one of those resurrected creatures who are present at the place of standing.

Then Hell will heave a second deep sigh, and not a single eye that still has a drop of moisture in it will fail to shed a tear.

Then Hell will heave a third deep sigh, and even if those who hear that sigh—be they human beings or jinn—were each endowed with the merit of seventy two prophets, they will surely be moved to embrace her as a man embraces a woman.

The Fear of the Closest Friends of Allah the Majestic

Then Hell will heave a fourth deep sigh, and nothing that is capable of speech will fail to have its speech arrested. The only exceptions will be Gabriel, Michael and [Abraham] the Bosom Friend of the All-Merciful One, each one of whom will say, as they cling to the Heavenly Throne “My own soul, my own soul, that is all I beg you to spare!”

The Bridge

The Bridge (Pul-Siraat)

The Prophet (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) continued:

Then Hell will send forth a shower of sparks, as numerous as the stars. Each spark will be like an enormous cloud arising in the West, and the shower of sparks will fall upon the heads of the assembled creatures.

Description of the Bridge (Pul-Siraat)

He went on to say (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him):

Then the Bridge will be erected over Hell. Seven hundred arches will be made ready to support it, and the distance between each pair of arches will be that of a journey taking seventy years. The dimensions of the Bridge will be as follows: from the first platform down to the second platform, the distance of a journey taking five hundred years; from the second down to the third, the distance of a journey taking five hundred years; from the third down to the fourth, the same distance again; from the fourth down to the fifth, the same distance again; the fifth down to the sixth, the same distance again; and from the sixth down to the seventh, likewise. This seventh platform will be widest of them all, the hottest of them all, and most deeply concave of them all, the most varied of them all [in its range of torments], and the most fiery of them all—by a factor of seventy.

As for the lowest platform, its flame will rise up past the bridge on the right side and the left, as they soar into the sky to a distance of three miles. Each platform will be hotter, more thickly littered with live coals, and beset with more varied kinds of torments then the one above it—by a factor of seventy.

Upon each platform there will be an ocean, rivers, mountains and trees. The height of each of those mountains, as it towers up into the sky, will be equal to a distance of a journey taking seventy thousand years. There will be seventy such mountains on each platform, and on each mountain there will be seventy thousand separate hills. On each one of those separate hills, there will be seventy thousand thorny trees. Each of those trees will have seventy branches, and there will be seventy serpents and seventy scorpions lurking on each side of its branches. Each of those serpents will be three miles in length, and as for the scorpions, they resemble huge Bactrian camels. Seventy thousand pieces of fruit will be dangling from each of those trees, and each piece of fruit will have the shape of a devil’s head. Inside almost every one of those pieces of fruit there will be seventy worms, and each of those worms will be exceedingly long. Some pieces of fruit will not contain worms, but they will have thorns inside them instead.

Further Description of Hell

The Prophet (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) also used to say:

Hell has seven entrances, and each of those entrances has seventy valleys. The depth of each of those valleys is a distance of a journey taking seventy years. Each of those valleys has seventy thousand branches, and in each of its branches there are seventy thousand caves. In each of those caves, there are seventy thousand crevices, and each of its crevices extends to the distance of a journey taking seventy years. Seventy thousand snakes are lurking inside each of those crevices, and there are seventy thousand scorpions inside the jaws of each of those snakes. Each of those scorpions have seventy thousand spinal columns, and each of its spinal columns contains a flask of poison. Neither the unbeliever nor the hypocrite will reach his final destination without experiencing all this to the full.



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