[Mon 13.03.17] The Summary of Deen

[Mon 13.03.17] Dhikr

[22.08.16] Five Points from Iman Ahmad bin Hambal  | Dhikr

[Mon 08.08.16] The Solution to All Problems | Dhikr

[Monday 11.07.16] Translating the Message of Ramadan into Action

[Monday 18.06.16] Do You Want Happiness and Peace?

[Monday 02.05.16] The blessings of the Month of Rajab

[Mon 07.09.2015]The Integrity and Finality of Prophethood

[02.06.15] 15th shabaan night

[25.05.15] The in depth reality of this Life

[Mon 04.05.15] Lessons from the Life of Sayidina Ali

[Mon 13.4.15] The Three Life Lessons of Imam Zain al Abideen

[04.08.14] The Best Intellect for Balancing Inner Qualities | Dhikr

[16.06.14] Giving Life to Knowledge | Dhikr

[09.6.14] Good Character As the Basis of Dawah | Dhikr

[05.05.14] Deception of Shaytan before and after Sin | Dhikr

[28.04.14] Lessons from the Wisdom of Syiduna Abu Bakr (ra) | Dhikr

[24.03.14] Benefitting from those who try to harm us

[17.03.14] Steps to a Better Relationship With all  | Dhikr

[27.01.13] Appreciating the Gift of Allah (azzawajal)  | Dhikir + Durood & Salaam

[20.01.14] Celebrating Milad so as to Please Allah and His MessengerDhikr

[06.01.14] The Neglected Secret to Pleasing | Dhikr

[31.12.13] What is the Nature of the Human Being? | Dhikr

[09.12.13] Lessons for Success in Dunya & Akhira | Dhikr

[28.10.13] The 10 Qualities of an Accepted Salah | Dhikr

[21.10.13] Using the Knife of Willpower to Defeat Shaytaan | Dhikr

[14.10.13] The Message Behind Arafat

[07.10.13] Discourse in English | Dhikr

[30.09.13] The Difference between Enjoyment and Peace | Dhikr

[23.09.13] Lessons from the Battle of the Trench | Dhikr

[16.09.13] Discourse in English | Dhikr

[09.09.13] The Honour of the Parents | Dhikr

[02.09.13] The Reason why Allah Deserves to be Befriended  | Dhikr

[19.08.13] The Difference Between a Muslim and a Mu’min 

[12.08.13] The Concept of Pleasure and Pain

[03.06.13] The Limitless Pleasures of Paradise

[29.04.13] The Obstacles to the Closeness of Allah  |  Dhikr

[01.04.13] The Five Layers of Protection against Heedlessness
[18.03.13] Reminders of Akhira through Models of Dunya
[11.03.13] Awakening from the deception of Sin Dhikr
[07.01.13] The Nature of Dunya and the Nature of Hereafter Dhikr
[31.12.12] Lessons From Surah Al Feel Dhikr
[03.12.12] Honouring Allah’s Trust As His Khalifah Dhikr

[19.11.12] Teachings of Syiduna Umar

[12.11.12] Signs of Love Dhikr
[29.10.12] Finding purpose through following Allah Dhikr
[23.10.12] Prayers for Forgiveness
[17.09.12] Holistic Response to Hatred and Blasphemy Dhikr
[10.09.12] Why Allah Kareem is the Perfect Companion Dhikr
[03.09.12] Recognising Our Place or Station in the Scheme of Life Dhikr
[16.07.12] The Way to a Successful Ramadhan
[25.06.12] Reminder as the Fuel of Action
[18.06.12] Lessons from the Night of Ascension Dhikr
[11.06.12] The Secret To Allahs Pleasure From Sayadina Ali (ra)
[28.05.12] Brief Events Of Miraj Dhikr
[21.05.12] Taking Refuge from Evil in the Fortress of Sunnah Dhikr
[14.05.12] The Best Product On The Market Dhikr
[07.05.12] Stairs To The Pleasure Of Allah (Azzawajjal) Dhikr
[16.04.12] Understanding the Value of Investing with Allah Dhikr
[09.04.12] Increasing Ones Iman Through The Furnace Of Test Dhikr
[26.03.12] The Barriers to Receiving Guidance From The Quran Dhikr
[19.03.12] The Three Categoy Of People Who Are Deprived From
The Mercy Of Allah (azzawajal)
[30.01.12] The Sunnah Gateway To The Pleasure Of Allah (Azzawajal)
[19.12.11] How We Can Participate In the Ongoing Battle of Karbala Dhikr
[12.12.11] The Concept Of Tawbah In The Light Of Sunnah (Part 2) Dhikr
[06.12.11] The Concept Of Tawbah In The Light Of Sunnah
[28.11.11] Teachings of Zainul Abidin
[17.10.11] The Signs of an Accepted Hajj
[03.10.11] The Benefits Of Remembering Death In All Occasions Dhikr
[27.09.11] The Product Of the Messenger Of Allah Dhikr
[19.09.11] Having the Presistence in Doing Dawah No Matter What the Outcome Dhikr
[05.09.11] The Freedom Of Will The Most Powerfull Force Dhikr
[25.07.11] Miraj and Preperation for Ramadhan
[05.07.11] Miraaj of Sinful and Pious Ummati Dhikr
[27.06.11] Difference between Will and Irada Birmingham
[06.06.11] Discourse in English Dhikr
[04.04.11] The Importance of Tazkiyah Dhikr
[28.03.11] The Test of this World is a Stage (Nelson) Q & A
[07.03.11] The Paradise of Dunya vs Akhira Dhikr
[28.02.11] Justification for Mawlid un Nabi Dhikr
[20.12.10] Letter from Allah Azzawjal (book given in right and left hand)
[13.12.10] What Allah (azzawajal) wants us to ask from him Dhikr
[06.12.10] The Real Attachments One Should Have
[22.11.10] Allah Takes Care of the Affairs of His Servants Dhikr
[Mon 08.11.10] Removing Love of Duniya (Urdu)
[01.11.10] Time Energy & Money
[25.10.10] Discourse Dhikr
[11.10.10] Discourse Dhikr
[Mon 27.09.10] Oldham Majlis
[13.09.10] Tafseer of Surah Asr with regards to Tareeqah Muhammadyah Dhikr
[Mon 05.07.10] Amending Ones Relationship With Allah
[28.06.10] Bolton
[Mon 21.06.10] Oldham
[31.05.10] The Sayings of Hazrat Luqman (alaihissalaam) [Urdu] Dhikr
[Mon 24.05.10] Discourse in Urdu
[10.05.10] Nikah and Naseeah Dhikr
[26.04.10] Discourse in Urdu Dhikr
[Mon 19.04.10] Special Qualities of Prophets
[12.04.09] Discourse in Urdu
[Mon 05.04.10] Every Game Has to End
[29.03.10] The Ticking Time Bomb
[22.03.10 Bolton] Disourse in Urdu
[15.03.10 Bolton] Rabi al-Awwal (Urdu)
[Mon 08.03.10 Oldham] Benefitting from Rabi al-Awwal
[Mon 15.02.10 Oldham] Discourse in English
[Mon 08.02.10] The Sanctity of a Muslim Dhikr
[Mon 01.02.10] Presenting The Truth of Islam In English
[Mon 25.01.10] Different Degrees of People
[Mon 18.01.10] Reasons Why People Fail in Both Worlds
[Mon 11.01.10] Teachings from Imam Hussain
[Mon 28.12.09] The Lessons from Karbalah
[Mon 21.12.09] Blessing and Lessons of Muharram
[14.12.09] Discourse in Urdu
[07.12.09] Discourse
[30.11.09 Mon] The Acceptance Of Islam And What It Demands From You
[23.11.09] The Relationship between the rights of Allah and the rights of the creation
[09.11.09] Discourse in Urdu
[02.11.09] Allah’s Quality of Al-Hakim & Spending in the way of Allah
[26.10.09] Naseeha on Humbleness (Urdu)
[12.10.09] Discourse in Urdu
[Mon 05.10.09] The State of the Ummah
[Mon 28.09.09] Honour in Sight of Allah and People
[24.08.09] General Nasiha Urdu
[Mon 20.07.09] Spritual Aspects of Umrah
[Mon 13.07.09] Bolton majlis
[Mon 06.07.09] Guidance for Umrah Dhikr
[29.06.09] The Lessons We Should Take From Different Nations Dhikr
[22.06.09] Rights of creation + Umrah guidence]
[15.06.09] The Eight Questions One Will be Asked After Death
[08.06.09] Discourse in English Dhikr
[01.06.09] Discourse in English
[25.05.09] Letters from Allah Dhikr
[18.05.09] The Difference Between Wish and Having (plus Dhikr)
[11.05.09] Teaching of Syyidina Abdul Qadir Jilani (part 3) Dhikr & QA
[04.05.09] How the Dunya is a Deception Dhikr & QA
[27.04.09] Discourse in Urdu
[13.04.09] Abdul Qadir Jailani
[06.04.09] Avoiding the practices of the disbelievers
[30.03.09] Presenting the Truth of Islam
[23.03.08] Allah As-Samad Dhikr
[16.03.09] The Love of RasulAllah for His Ummah
[02.03.09] The Greatest Blessing
[23.02.09] The Last Will in Urdu Dhikr
[16.02.09] The last Naseesa of Prophet Muhammad (Sollallahu alaihiwasallam) Dhikr
[09.02.09] Allahs Love For His Creation
[02.02.09] The Summary of Islam
[12.01.09] The Story of Imam Hussain in relation to our life
[05.01.09] Effects of loving this world & Allah’s Generosity
[29.12.2008] The Message of Imam Hussain
[22.12.08] Quran and Modern Science Dhikr
[15.12.08] Guidance on Dhul – Hijjah
[08.12.08] Eid, Accountability & Example of Umar bin Abdul Azeez (ra) Dhikr
[01.12.08] The Blessings of Allah and the Sacrifices of the Messengers
[24.11.08] The Plan Of Shaytan And The Danger Of The Shaytanic Arrow
[17.11.08] Commentary Of a Few Verses Of Surah Mulk
[10.11.08] Incident Between Prophet Nuh & Iblis
[03.11.08] The Conversation Between the Jannah and Jahannam
[27.10.08] How To Maintain the Spiritual Blessings of Ramadan (Urdu)
[20.10.08] Tactics and Plans of Shaytaan (part 3)
[13.10.08] The Traps and Plans of Shaytaan (part 2)
[06.10.08] The Traps and Plans of Shaytaan (Part 1)
[08.09.08] Hadith Regarding the Blessings of Praying Tarawi
[01.09.08] Hadith Regarding the First Night of Ramadhan
[25.08.08] Ramadhan Presentaton in Bolton
[18.08.08] Teaching of Syiduna Abdul Qadir Jilani Regarding Repentance
[21.07.08] Umrah Presentation (part 3)
[14.07.08] Umrah Presentation (part 2)
[07.07.08] Umrah Presentation (part 1)
[30.06.08] The Key to Paradise in Urdu
[23.06.08] Preperation for Umrah
[16.06.08] How to Prepare for Day of Judgement Continued (Hadith Mubarak Mentioning the Four Catagories)
[09.06.08] How to Prepare for The Day of Judgement
[02.06.08] The Key To Paradise
[26.05.08] How the Prophet Taught the Companions to Convey the Message
[19.05.08] Allah’s Punishment and Door of Repentence
[12.05.08] Syyidina Abdul Qadir al-Jilani – Nasiha Continued
[05.05.08] How One Can Prepare For the Day of Judgement
[28.04.08] Sydina Abdul Qadir Jilani- Naseha
[21.04.08] Message from Prophet SollallahuAlaihiWasallam for sisters (part3)
[14.04.08] Message from Prophet sallahualiwasalm for sisters (part2)
[07.04.08] Message from Prophet SollallahuAlaihiWasallam for Sisters (part1)
[31.03.08] Life of the Prophet and His Ways
[24.03.08] Teachings of syiduna Abdul Azeez al-Dabbagh on Rabiul Awwal
[17.03.08] Rabiul Awwal and Repentance
[10.03.08] Peace & Tranqulity can only be attained by Submitting to Allah (Azzawajal)
[03.03.08] Fear and Hope in Allah (Azzawajal)
[25.02.08] Three Conditions of a Good Companion
[21.01.08] Ahl-e Bait are an example of how to sacrifice for Allah
[18.02.08] Nasiha
[14.01.08] Qualties needed to become Abduallah (part 3)
[07.01.08] Becoming Abdullah – The worshipper of Allah (Part 2)
[31.12.07] How to become Abdullah, the worshipper of Allah
[24.12.07]What Allah’s name demands from us
[17.12.07] The Meaning of Allah
[10.12.07] Fazila of 10 days of Dhul Hijjah
[03.12.07] The Names & Attributes of Allah continued
[26.11.07] Forgiveness & Repentence
[19.11.07] Origin of the Name of Allah
[12.11.07] The Meaning of Ism Zaat of Allah – Allah (2)
[29.10.07] Nikah in relation to self purification course
[22.10.07] How much Rasulullah loves his ummah
[24.09.07] Sermon of Syidina Abdul Qadir Jilani in Ramadhaan (part 2)
[17.09.07] Sermon of Syidina Abdul Qadir Jilani in Ramadhaan
[10.09.07] Guidence on the 8 Levels of Fasting
[03.09.07] Guidance on Ramadhaan
[27.08.07] Shab-e-barat
[23.07.07] General Nasiha
16.07.07 Guidance for Hajj & Umrah (part 6)
[9.07.07] Guidance on Umrah and Hajj (part 5)
[2.07.07] Guidance on Umrah and Hajj (Part 4)
25.06.07 Guidance on Umrah and Hajj (Part 3)
[18.06.07] Guidance on Umrah and Hajj (Part 2)
28.05.07 Ask those who know the way to Allah
21.05.07 Discourse
07.05.07 Introduction to Knowing the Asmaa [part 3]
[30.04.07] Ummatul Hadith Imaan Islaam Ihsaan
16.04.07 Rasulullah [sallalahu alaihi wasallam] is Most Deserving to Be Loved than Anyone Else16.04.07 Questions and Answers
09.04.07 Shirk in Nabuwwah
02.04.07 Has the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) Come into Your Life + Guidance for Rabi-ul-Awwal
26.03.07 Love for Rasulullah (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) – 3 Reasons for Loving Someone
19.03.07 Knowing the 99 Qualities of Allah [Part 2]
12.03.07 Knowing The 99 Qualities of Allah – An Introduction + Freedom of Will – The Trust Bestowed by Allah upon Us
05.03.07 Know Your Enemy
19.02.07 Commentary of Imaam Maghribi’s Advice
12.02.07 Helping Orphans
29.01.07 Allah’s Mercy in Concealing our State and Giving Respite
22.01.07 The Misconception of Dua and Thankfulness
15.01.07 The Ode (Part 6) Rein of Knowledge and Trusty Companions
08.01.07 The Ode by Sheikh Muhammad al-Maghribi [Part 5] The Staff of Certainty (Includes Dhikr)
[01.01.07] A person is Judged According to his/her End
[25.12.06] The Ode by Sheikh Muhammad al-Maghribi [Part 4]
[18.12.06] Virtues of 1st ten days of Dhu’l Hijjah
[11.12.06] The Four Helpers of Repentence [The Ode Part 3]
[04.12.06] The Ode of Sheikh Muhammad Al-Maghribi [Part 2]
[27.11.06] Ode of Sheikh Muhammad al-Maghribi [Part 1]
[20.11.06] Wakefulness, Satanic whispers and Istikhara
[13.11.06] The Scene at the Begining of The Day of Judgement
[06.11.06] Prayer of Shawwal & Etiquettes of Group Dhikr
[30.10.06] Etiquettes of Group Dhikr – An Introduction
[26.09.06] Tuesday 4th Ramadhan.mp3
[25.09.06] Monday 3rd Ramadhan .mp3
[7.8.06] Nasiha Regarding Sacrifice for the sake of Allah Dhikr
[31.7.06] Islamic Teaching Regarding Money [Part3] + Benefits of Sincere Intention with Action Dhikr
24.07.06 Responding to criticism + levels of form and spirit in worship
[17.7.06] Discourse by Sheikh Fezullah[Part1] – General Guidance and Keeping Company of the Righteous[Part2] – Guidance on how to live a Righteous Life Dhikr
[10.7.06] Learning to become Human from the Animalistic Nature Dhikr
No Monday Majlis
[26.6.06] The Islamic Teachings Regarding Money [Part1] – Background and Introduction Dhikr
[19.6.06] Teachings of Syyidina Abdul Qadir al-Jilani (Rahimahullah) [Part 6] Dhikr
[12.6.06] Teachings of Syidina Abdul Qadir al-Jilani (Rahimahullah) [Part 5] Dhikr
[5.6.06] Teachings of Syidina Abdul Qadir al-Jilani (Rahimahullah) [Part 4] Dhikr

[29.5.06] Teachings of Syidina Abdul Qadir al-Jilani (Rahimahullah) [3]


z102 [22.5.06] Teachings of Syidina Abdul Qadir al-Jilani (Rahimahullah) [2]


z101 [15.5.06] Teachings of Syidina Abdul Qadir Jilani (Rahimahullah)


z100 [8.5.06] The Life of our Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam) [5] – The Companions who Served Him in Particular Matters


z99 [1.5.06] The Life of our Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam) [4] – His Noble Features & His Blessed Children


z98 [24.4.06] The Life of our Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam) [3] – His Status of Shahadat, His Blessed Parents & Companions (Radiallahu Annhum)


17.04.06 The greatest Blessing of Allah Azzawajal


03.04.06 The Prayers of Muslims

27.03.06 Purpose of Life (Part 6)

20.03.06 Practice to Safeguard Iman, and Protect Against Hypocrisy, Shaytan and Hellfire

13.03.06 Downfall of Azazeel (Shaytan)

06.03.06 Signs of Hypocrisy

27.02.06 Levels of Iman

20.02.06 Purpose of Life (Part 5)
13.02.06 Purpose of Life (Part 4)
06.02.06 Company of the Righteous
30.01.06 Purpose of Life (Part 3)
23.01.06 Purpose of Life (Part 2)
16.01.06 Intentions and Rizq
09.01.06 Irfan Chishti
02.01.06 Purpose of Life (Part 1)



[Thu 16.03.17] The Essence of Dua (supplication)

[25.08.16] The Real Meaning of Abdiyah (Servanthood)

[Thursday 11.08.16] How Fulfiling Rights Benefit Ibadah

[Thursday 14.07.16] The Correct Mindset for Good Relations with Others

[Thursday 26.05.16] The Four Elements of Taqwa

[Thursday 21.04.16] The Nature of This Life

[Thurs 03.09.15] Deeper Reflection of the Verse Sending Darood

[Thurs 28.05.15] Assessing Ones Relationship with Allah through Creation

[Thurs 07.05.15] Process of Spiritual Nurturing through Anology of Farm

[Thursday 16.04.15] Accepting Responsibility When it Comes

[09.04.15] The Blessings of Good Company

[02.04.15] The Three Levels of Faith

[08.01.15] Thursday Discourse

[11.12.14] Shaykh Bahauddin Zakariyah’s Teaching on Finding Your Purpose of Life

[04.12.14] Scenes of the Punishments of Hell

[09.10.14] The Hypnotic Effects of Sin and Heedlessness

[02.10.14] Lessons from the Story of Hazrat Ibraheem (as)

[25.09.14] The World is a big Prank

[28.08.14] Naseeha of Imam Jaffar Sadiq

[21.08.14] Lessons from the Battle of Uhud

[07.08.14] Caring for the Spiritual Heart

[Thursday 31.07.14] Understanding Tawbah

[12.06.14] Benefiting from Ramadhan

[08.05.14] Discourse in English

[01.05.14] Discourse in English

[24.04.14] The Naseeha of Sayiduna Abu Bakr (ra)

[27.03.14] Life Lessons from Sayida Zaynab

[20.03.14] Wretchedness of the Self Opinionated

[23.01.14] The Four Demands Placed upon the Seeker

[02.01.14] When Will I Change?

[26.12.13] Teachings to Exemplify and Manifest Through our Character

[19.12.13] Explanation of Evil Whispers from Surah al Naas

[12.12.13] How a Seeker can become receptive to the Light of Guidance

[5.12.13] Deception of Shaytaan – not concentrating on our own self

[26.09.13] The Relationship between Master and Servant Part 4

[19.09.13] The Relationship between Master and Servant Part 3

[12.09.13] The Relationship between Master and Servant Part 2

[05.09.13] The Relationship between Master and Servant

[22.08.13] Training for Taqwa After Ramadhan

[15.08.13] Using our Qualities to Serve Allah (Azzawajal)

[30.05.13] The Five Categories of Worshippers

[02.05.13] Solutions to the Deceptions of Shaytaan

[04.04.13] The Four Fundamental Deceptions of the Shaytaan

[28.03.13] Marifah of the Limitations of Nafs
[21.03.13] What Allah Credits us with and What we have to Struggle for
[14.03.13] The Reality of Honour and the Commands to the Dunya
[03.01.13]Special Knowledge From The Prophet – Decision To Leave This World
[01.11.12] The Correct Concept of Guidance
[25.10.12] Prayers to be preformed on the day of Arafah
[18.10.12] Allah’s plan and the Planning of People
[04.10.12] The Honour in Following Sunnah
[13.09.12] The Two Secrets Behind the Status of Sayidna Ahmad Khizr (ra)
[06.09.12] The Reality of Sleep and Death
[30.08.12] The 7 forms of Spiritual Training on the Path to Allah
[23.08.12] Identifying our Role as the Servant of Allah
[19.07.12] The Whole Deen Is A Naseehah
[12.07.12] The Temperal Reality Of This World
[05.07.12] How to Spend the 15th Of Shabaan (Teachings from the Mashaikhs Of Tareeqah Muhammadiyah) [Shabir Hassan]
[21.06.12] Mindset & Ettiquetes of true Obedience to Allah (Azzawajal)
[14.06.12] How The Auliyah React To Mistreatment
[24.05.12] Things That Obstruct The Journey to Allah
[17.05.12] Ettiquets for Acheving Maximum Benefits From The Mashyakh
[19.04.12] Levels of Worship & The True Meaning of Knowledge
[12.04.12] Dua,Wasiyah and Mirror For One To Judge Oneself On The Tareeqah
[05.04.12] Danger Of Objecting On The True Awliyah
[29.03.12] The Right Mindset To Worshipping Allah (Azzawajal)
[22.03.12] The Curse Of The False Repentor
[26.01.12] Summary of How One Should Live His Life in Relation to Ikhlas
[19.01.12] Realities of Rizq
[29.12.11] Understanding Servitude of Allah
[22.12.11] Misconceptions and Realities of the Path of Tazkiyah
[15.12.11] True Servant of Allah Benefiting from Knowledge & Traveling The Path
[08.12.11] The Correct Mindset When Conveying The Message
[01.12.11] Course Of Tazkiyah From Perspective Of Syidunah Abdul Azizz Ad Dabbagh (rahimuAllah)
[20.10.11] The Secret Plan Of Allah (Azzawajal) For Us
[13.10.11] Why Shaitan Makes People Disobedient
[29.09.11] Signs Of Tazkiyah & Signs Of Ihklas (Ihklas regards to Knowledge)
[22.09.11] Fulfilling the rights of Allah And The Rights Of The Perents In All Situations
[15.09.11] Understanding And The Succeeding In Our Mission Given By Allah
[08.09.11] What To Expect When Giving Dawah Part
[28.07.11] Headlessness and Disobedience; Hazoori and Obedience
[30.06.11] Teachings Of Abdul Wahab Sharani (RahimuAllah)
[23.06.11] Teachings of Abdul wahab shirani (rahimuAllah)
[16.06.11] Teachings of Abdul wahab shirani (rahimuAllah)
[02.06.11] Teachings of Abdul Wahhab Sharani (Rahimahullah)
[26.05.11] The relationship one can have with Allah (azzawajal)
[05.05.11] The virtues of Azkars of Tareeqah Muhammadiyah
[07.04.11] Deception of this World and Shyaatan
[31.03.11] The Psycological Tactic of Shaytaan
[17.03.11] Reality of this World continued
[10.03.11] Thursday Discourse
[03.03.11] Thursday Discourse
[23.12.10] Thursday Discourse
[09.12.10] Thursday Discourse
[11.11.10] Thursday Discourse
[28.10.10] Continuation of Etiquettes of Mashwara
[21.10.10] Continuation of Etiquttes of Mashwara
[14.10.10] Requisites for the scholars travelling the Path to Allah
[Thu 07.10.10] How The Nature Of People Manifest On Journey
[16.09.10] The Night of Power
[22.07.10] Etiquetes of Mushwura part 1a
[Thu 15.07.10]
[Thu 08.07.10] Returning To Allah
[Thu 03.06.10] Difference Between Desire And Intentions
[Thu 27.05.10] Importance of Tazkiyah
[Thurs 13.05.10] Inward & Outward Obsticles
[Thu 06.05.10] Fulfilling the Rights of Creation
[Thu 22.04.10] Morocco Guidance continued
[Thu 15.04.10] Discourse in English
[Thu 08.04.10] Why We Do Not Progress on the Course
[Thu 01.04.10] Discourse in English
[Thu 18.03.10] Discourse in English
[Thu 11.03.10] Holding Onto the Rope of Allah
[Thu 11.02.10] Discourse in English
[Thu 04.02.10] Discourse In English
[Thu 28.01.10] How to Attain Greatness
[Thu 21.01.10] Solution for Grudge part3 & Message for Brothers
Thursday [14.01.10] Continuation of the Solution for Having Grudge
[Thu 7.01.10] Discourse in English
[Thu 31.12.09] Qualities of a Righteous Servant
[Thu 17.12.09] Discourse in English
[Thu 05.1109] The Traps Of The Shaytan
[Thu 22.10.09] Discourse in English
[15.10.09] Love of women and its cure part 2
[08.10.09] Love of Women and it’s Cure
[30.09.09] Guidance for After Umrah
[10.09.09] Message From Umrah (part2)
[27.08.09] Message From Umrah
[Thu 23.07.09] Umrah Final Guidance
[Thu 23.07.09] Discourse in English
[Thu 16.07.09] Umrah Amals Guidance
[Thu 09.07.09] Qualities of Friends of Allah
[Thu 02.07.09] Umrah Guidance 09 (part4)
[Thu 25.06.09] Umrah Guidance 09 (Part3)
[18.06.09] Umrah Guidance (part 2)
[11.06.09] Message Regarding Umrah 09
[04.06.09] Discourse in English
[28.05.09] Discourse in English
[21.05.09] Discourse in English
[14.05.09] Principle of Tareeq Continued – Different Questions from Mureeds
[07.05.09] Discourse in English
[30.04.09] Principle of Tareeq – Continual Repentance Despite Committing Sins
[09.04.09] Insight Into the Mind of a Saint (part 2)
[02.04.09] Pearls of Wisdom
[26.03.09] What are the Losses with Regards to Dunya
[19.03.09] The Story of Satan’s Great Grandson
[05.03.09] Message Regards to Rabiul Awwal
[26.02.09] Evaluation and Guidence from Visitation to Fez (part 5)
[19.02.09] Evaluation and Guidence from Visitation to Fez (part 4)
[12.02.09] Evaluation Guidance From Visitation To Fez (Part 3)
[Thu 05.02.09] Evaluation & Guidance from Visitation to Fez (part 2)
[Thu 28.01.08] Evaluation & guidance from Visitation to Fez (part 1)
[08.01.09] What is the value of Allah in our life
[01.01.09] The Story of Dhun Nun Misry ra
[25.12.08] Guidance on How to Spend the Time in Fez (part2)
[18.12.08] Guidance on How to Spend the Time in Fez (part1)
[11.12.08] How a Seeker Falls from the Path of Allah
[04.12.08] The last part of the Message, Sallallahu alyhiwasallam
[27.11.08] Message Relating To Jamath
[20.11.08] The Plan of Shaytan and the Importance of Dawah
[13.11.08] The Dangers of Kashf
[06.11.08] Message from the Prophet Continued
[30.10.08] Message From the Prophet Sollallahu’AlaihiWasallam
[23.10.08] The Major Task of Prophet (SollallahuAlaihiwaSallam)
[16.10.08] What the Tareeq is Compared to Other Knowledge
[09.10.08] Message Regarding Da’wa and Tableegh 
Questions and Answers
[04.09.08] Message From Prophet alaihissalaam Regarding Umrah & Ramadhan
[28.08.08] Meeting Rasulullah in Wakefulness
[21.08.08] Message from Umrah 2008
[17.07.08] Summary of the Amaals for Umrah
[10.07.08] How the Sheikh Gives Solutions to the Seekers
[03.07.08] Principles of Tareeq Revisited Part12 Karamat Conclusion
[26.06.08] Principles of Tareeq Revisited part 11 Karamats p2
[19.06.08] Principles of Tareeq Revisited (part 10): The First Three of the Ten Levels of Karamat
[12.06.08] Principles of Tareeq Revisited (part 9) The Wrong Reasons to Travel the Path
[05.06.08] Principles of Tareeqah Revisited part8
[29.05.08] Principles of Tareeq Revisited (part 7)
[15.05.08] Hardship in the Path to Allah
[08.05.08] Principles of Tareeq revisited (part5)
[01.05.08] Principles of Tareeq Revisited (part 4)

5th & 6th aspect of risalat and the objectives of the tareeq

The blessing of thankfulness and Hadith of Seven Letters [Part 29] 4th Aspect of Risalat-Sakina wakar

[8.6.06] The Karamat of Syyidina Abdul Azeez Dabbagh (Rahimahullah) [Part 4] + Hadith of Seven Letters [Part 28] 3rd Aspect of Risalat.mp3

[1.6.06] The Karamat of Syidina Abdul Azeez Dabbagh (Rahimahullah) [3] + Hadith of Seven Letters [28] 2nd Aspect of Risalat

[25.05.06] The Karamat of Syidina Abdul Azeez Dabbagh (Rahimahullah) [2] + Hadith of Seven Letters [28] 1st Aspect of Risalat

[11.5.06] Interpretation of Dreams

zt99 [11.5.06] The Karamat of Syidina Abdul Azeez Dabbagh (Rahimahullah) + Hadith of Seven Letters [26] 7th Aspect of Ilm

zt98 [4.5.06] Hadith of Seven Letters [25] 6th Aspect of Ilm + Principles of Tareeq

zt97 [27.4.06] Hadith of Seven Letters [24] 5th Aspect of Ilm + Principles of Tareeq

20.04.06 5th Aspect of ilm-e-kamil and Reality & Forms of Ailments

13.04.06 3rd Aspect of ilm and Reality and Forms of Ailments (Part 4)

30.03.06 1st aspect of Ilme-e-kamil Reality and Forms of Ailments

23.03.06 Seventh Aspect of the Ruh

09.03.06 Fifth Aspect of the Ruh

02.03.06 Guidance is from Allah (ta’la) only

16.02.06 Life of this world is a Deception
09.02.06 Fourth Aspect of Ruh
02.02.06 Third aspect of the Ruh
26.01.06 Second aspect of Ruh
19.01.06 Bayah’s Relationship with Sunnah
12.01.06 Guidance on Dawaah & Message
05.01.06 Discourse from Al-Ibreez
[31.07.03] Hazrat Sharfuddeen Yahya Muneeri (rhu)



[19.06.15] Khutbah | Shamail

[17.10.14] Khutbah | Shamail

[01.08.14] Khutbah | Shamail

[03.07.14] Khutbah | Shamail

[09.05.14] Khutbah | Shamail | Graveyard

[25.04.14] Khutbah | Shamail

[04.04.14] Khutbah | Shamail

[28.03.14] Khutbah | Shamail

[21.03.14] Khutbah | Shamail | Graveyard

[14.03.14] Khutbah | Shamail

[03.01.14] Khutbah | Shamail

[27.12.13] Khutbah | Shamail

[20.12.13] Khutbah | Shamail

[26.07.13] Khutbah | Shamail | Graveyard

[19.07.13] Khutbah | Shamail | Graveyard

[12.07.13] Khutbah | Shamail | Graveyard

[07.06.13] Khutbah | Shamail | Graveyard

[26.04.13] Khutbah | Shamail

[22.03.13] Khutbah | Shamail
[15.03.13] Khutbah | Shamail
[04.01.13] Khutbah | Shamail
[16.11.12] Khutbah | Shamail
[07.09.12] Khutbah | Shamail | Graveyard
[13.07.12] Khutbah | Shamail
[15.06.12] Khutbah | Shamail
[25.05.12] Khutbah | Shamail | Graveyard
[18.05.12] Khutbah | Shamail | Graveyard
[11.05.12] Khutbah | Shamail
[04.05.12] Khutbah | Shamail
[20.04.12] Khutbah | Shamail | Graveyard
[13.04.12] Khutbah | Shamail | Graveyard
[06.04.12] Khutbah | Shamail
[23.03.12] Khutbah | Shamail | Graveyard
[27.01.12] Khutbah | Shamail
[20.01.12] Khutbah | Shamail
[06.01.12] Khutbah | Shamail
[30.12.11] Khutbah | Shamail
[23.12.11] Khutbah | Shamail
[16.12.11] Khutbah | Shamail
[09.12.11] Khutbah | Shamail | Graveyard
[02.12.11] Khutbah | Shamail
[25.11.11] Khutbah | Shamail | Graveyard
[14.10.11] Khutbah | Shamail | Graveyard
[30.09.11] Khutbah | Shamail | Graveyard
[23.09.11] Khutbah | Shamail | Graveyard
[16.09.11] Khutbah | Shamail | Graveyard
[09.09.11] Khutbah | Shamail | Graveyard
[19.08.11] Khutbah | Shamail
[12.08.11] Graveyard
[05.08.11] Khutbah | Shamail | Graveyard
[29.07.11] Khutbah | Shamail | Graveyard
[01.07.11] Shamail
[17.06.11] Khutbah | Shamail | Graveyard
[27.05.11] Khutbah | Shamail | Graveyard
[13.05.11] Shamail
[13.05.11] Khuthbah
[06.05.11] Shamail
[06.05.11] Jummah Khuthbah
[06.05.11] Graveyard Discourse
[15.04.11] Khuthbah
[15.04.11] Graveyard discourse
[01.04.11] Graveyard discourse
[01.04.11] Shamail
[01.04.11] Khuthbah
[18.03.11] Shamail
[18.03.11] Khuthbah
[18.03.11] The benefits of visting the graveyard
[11.03.11] Khuthbah
[11.03.11] Shamail
[04.03.11] Khutbah
[10.12.10] Shamail
[10.12.10] Jumma khuthbah
[19.11.10] Shamial
[19.11.10] Jumma khuthbah
[12.11.10] Jumma khuthbah
[12.11.10] Shamail
[29.10.10] Jummah shamial
[29.10.10] Jumma khuthbah
[22.10.10] shamial
[22.10.10] Jummah khuthbah
[22.10.10] Jummah khuthbah
[24.09.10] Shamail after Jummah
[24.09.10] Shamail
[17.09.10] jummah shmail ‘time in the house’
[17.09.10] jummah khuthbah
[03.09.10] Shamail
[03.09.10] Jumma khuthbah
[27.08.10] Shamail
[27.08.10] Jummah Shamial
[27.08.10] Jummah Khuthbah
[16.07.10] Shamail
[16.07.10] Khuthbah
[02.07.10] Jummah Khutbah and Shamail
[26.05.10] Shamail
[26.05.10] Jummah khuthbah
[07.05.10] Shamail
[07.05.10] Jumma Khuthbah
[23.04.10] Shamail
[23.04.10] jummah khuthbah
[09.04.10] Shamail
[09.04.10] Jummah Khuthbah
[26.03.10] Shamail
[12.03.10] Jummah Khuthbah
[12.02.10] Shamail with regards to muamalath
[12.02.10] jummah khuthbah
[29.01.10] Shamail Regarding Rizakah
[29.01.10] Jummah Khuthbah
[14.01.10] Shamail Regarding Dealings
[14.01.10] jummah khuthbah
[Fri 01.01.10] Shamail-e-Muhammadiyah
[Fri 01.01.10] Jummah Khutbah
[18.12.09] Shamail-e-Muhammadiyah
[18.12.09] Jummah Khuthbah
[04.12.09] Friday Khutbah
[30.10.09] Shamail
[23.10.09] Shamail-e-Muhammadiyah
[23.10.09] Friday Khutbah
[09.10.09] Shamail-e-Muhammadiyah
[09.10.09] Friday Khutbah
[11.09.09] Jummah Khutbah
[28.08.09] Shamail-e-Muhammadiyah
[28.08.09] Friday Khutbah
[17.07.09] Shamail-e-Muhammadiyah
[17.07.09] Friday Khuthbah
[19.06.08] Shamail-e-Muhammadiyah (part 34]
[19.06.09] khutbah before jummah salah
[22.05.09] Shamail-e-Muhammadiyah (part 33)
[22.05.09] Jummah khutbah the severe tests that the companions went through
[08.05.09] Shamail-e-Muhammadiyah (part 32)
[08.05.09] Jummah khutbah
[24.04.09 Friday] Shamail e Muhammadiyah (Part31)
[10.04.09] Shamail-e-Muhammadiyah (part24)
[27.02.09] Shamail-e-Muhammadiyah (part23)
[30.01.09] Shamail-e-Muhammadiyah (Part22)
[26.12.08] Shamail-e-Muhammadiyah (Part21)
[13.12.08] Shamail-e-Muhammadiyah (Part20)
[17.10.08] Shamail-e-Muhammadiyah (Part 16)
[05.09.08] Shamail-e-Muhammadiyah (part 12)
[20.06.08] Shamail-e-Muhammadiyah (part 9)
[25.04.08] Shamail-e-Muhammadiyah (part 5)
[11.04.08] Shamail-e-Muhammadiyah (part4)
[28.03.08] Shamail-e-Muhammadiyah (part3)
[21.03.08] Shamail-e-Muhammadiyah (part 2)

[17.03.13] The four types of relationships we keep with Aulia

[17.06.12] Scenes of Punishment on The Night Of Miraj

[16.04.12] Five Signs Of Rightousness and Un-rightousness

[08.01.12] The Best Dawah Is Practical Dawah
[11.12.11] Teachings From Zainab (ra) With Regards To Karbala
[21.11.12] The Intention One Should Have When Seeking Knowledge (1st Alima Class)
[02.10.11] Ones relationship with Allah
[23.07.11] Amaals For Ramadhan
[26.06.11] Teachings from the miraj for women
[08.05.11] Sisters Majlis
[10.04.11] The Deception of Dunyah and Having Good Character
[13.03.11] Questions and answers to the test of this world [Teachings of Farid-ud-Din Ganj Shakar]
[31.10.10] 10 Naseehas for the Wife
[Sun 14.03.10] Holding Onto Good Deeds
[Sun 07.02.10] Sisters Majlis
[Sun 03.01.10] Sisters Majlis
[Sun 06.12.09] Sisters Majlis
[Sun 04.10.09] Sisters Majlis (Urdu)
[Sun 05.07.09] Sisters Majlis
[Sun 07.06.09] Sisiters Majlis
[Sun 03.05.09] Etiquettes of Majlis & Dhikr
[Sun 05.04.09] Sisters Majlis
[Sun 01.03.09] Blessings of the Milad
[Sun 01.02.09] Sisters Majlis
[Sun 04.01.09] Sisters Majlis
[07.12.08] The Real Meaning of Arafa
[09.11.08] Discourse in Urdu
[05.10.08] Message from the Prophet sollallahu alaihi wasallam to Sisters
[05.08.09] The Status of the Women in Islam
[13.07.08] Hajj & Umrah Blessings & Conditions in Bangla
[06.07.08] Hajj and Umra Presentation
08.06.08 Ultimate Purpose Of Life in Bangla
[01.06.08] Love of the Sahabiyaths Towards the Prophet
[04.05.08] Advice from Mother to the Son, Al Jilani Rahimullah
[06.04.08] Message from Rasulullah (Sollallahu alaihi wasallam)
[02.03.2008] Milad Sharif
[03.02.08] The Status of Women relating to Karbala
[06.01.08] The Status of Women in Islam (part2)
[02.12.07] The Status of Women in Islam
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