Amaals for Those Who are Not Going to Umrah

Amaals to be Performed for Those Who are Not Going to Umrah

For those brothers and sisters who are not going to Umrah can still receive mercy, fez and blessings, as time and space is not a limiting factor. Those who cannot go for any reasons, but have a sincere want to be with the Mashaykhs and in those blessed places of Haramayn Sharifyan, then to perform the same amaals as stated in the ‘Hajj & Umrah Amaals booklet / leaflet’, but the timings will be reduced (see below).

The Amaals to be Performed whilst the Visitation of the Mashaykh to the Blessed Haramayn Sharifyan

1) It is known from the ahadith, the Sunnah of sitting in the same place after Fajr Salah and performing the azkars etc. till sunrise. Then it is mentioned if a person offers four (4) rak’ats of Ishrakh (optional prayer after sunrise (approx 20 min)) then it is as though one receive reward of accepted Hajj and Umrah – we are to perform this.

2) Madinah Sharif – To perform only a quarter (1/4) of all daily amaals of Madinah Sharif (as explained in the ‘Hajj & Umrah Amaals booklet / leaflet’). That is to perform a quarter (1/4) of the daily Amaals in the morning and in the evenings as those brothers and sisters would do so whilst in Madinah Sharif.

For example, people in Madinah Sharif performing daily Amaals of ‘Allah, Allah’ zikr for 1 hour – so we are to perform a quarter (1/4) of that amaal; i.e. 15 min ‘Allah Allah’ zikr. Similarly all other Amaals should be performed like this.

3) Makkah Shareef: – Daily morning and evening Makkah Shareef Amaals – again, a quarter (1/4) of everything).

4) Whilst the brothers and sisters are doing the Tawaf of Umrah we are to perform rak’ats Salah tul Tawbah as we cannot perform the tawaf here. When the group is in the state of ihram, we should behave AS THOUGH we are also in the state of ihram (It is more important to be in the spiritual state. Although the outward Shariah of Ihram prohibitions does not apply to those who are not present in person in Makkah Sharif).

5) Generally, one should also try to mimic brothers & sisters who are present in Haramayn Sharifyan and what would one do if we are there right now. For example, try to think as though you are with the Teacher and visiting those blessed places, etc.

One hopes the above reminder helps one to perform these amaals here in UK (or elsewhere) and receive the fez and blessings of actually visiting the blessed Haramayn Sharifyan.



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