1. Allah is the Greatest (called 4 times)
(Allahu Akbar)
2. I testify there is none worthy of worship besides Allah (called twice)
3. I testify that Muhammad (SAW) is Allah’s Messenger (called twice)
(Ash-hadu-an-na Muhammadur-Rasulul-laah)
4. Come towards Salaah (called twice)
5. Come towards success (called twice)
6. Allah is the Greatest (called twice)
(Allahu Akbar)
7. There is non worthy of worship besides Allah (called once)


a. In the fajr adhan after Hayya alal falah (come towards success) the Muazzin must call out the following words twice:
[Salaat is better than sleep]

b. Just before commencing the Jamaat Salaah the words of Adhaan should be repeated (behind the Imam) with the following inclusion after Hayya alal Falah:
(Qad Qaa-Matis-Salaah)
[Salaah has begun – [Risen]]

c. his second calling to alert the congregation that Salaat is about to commence is known as IQAMAT.

d. When you hear the Adhaan, repeat the words uttered by the Muazzin.

e. Replying to the Adhaan from the bottom of one’s heart is a qualification for the entrance of Jannah. (Sahih Muslim)

f. During the Fajr Adhaan, after the sentence As-Salaatu Khairun-Minan Noum, listeners should say:
(Sadaqtu Wa Barartu)
[You have spoken the truth and done good]

g. In a similar manner, those listening to Iqamat, when they hear the words Qad Qaumatis Salaah should say:
(Aqaamahal-laahu was Adaamahaa)
[May Allah establish it [Salaah] and keep it forever]

Dabbaagh Welfare