Prohibited Commands

Degrees of Prohibited Commands


Haraam (Unlawful)

Is the exact opposite of Farz, it is established by absolute evidence (Daleel Qatai). The perpetrator of haraam is known as Faasiq and the one who rejects the status of haraam is a disbeliever, for example, drinking alcohol, adultery, taking interest and killing the innocent.

Makrooh Tahreemi (Severely Detested)

Is exact opposite of Wajib and is established by non-absolute evidence. The one who neglects and rejects it is termed as faasiq.

Isa’at (Detested)

Is the opposite of Sunnate Mukada and if it is continuously practiced then it is sinful, for example making it ones habit not to rinse the mouth during Wuzu (ablution) since it is Sunnate Mukada to rinse the mouth.

Makrooh Tanzihi (Slightly Detested)

Is an act which if not done will earn reward, however, if it is done then it is a punishable offence, for example splashing water in wuzu.

Khilafe Awla (Undesirable)

Is an act which if not done is desirable and preferred but there is no sin in doing it.


Is an act which is neither ordered by Shariah nor prohibited. There is no reward if done and no punishment if not done.

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