Ablution (Wuzu)

Wuzu Procedure


Wuzu is Farz (Obligatory) for performance of prayer (Salah) and touching Quran! Wuzu is necessary for the Tawaf (Encircling) the Ka’bah. Wuzu is Mustahab (desirable) for every Salah, in spite of having wuzu and also before sleeping.

1. Make intention (Niyyah) for Wuzu

2. Sit in a high place

3. Face the direction of Qiblah

4. Recite Bismillah

5. Wash both hands up to the wrists three times

6. Rinse the mouth three times

7. Use the Miswak if not index finger to clean the teeth. Then gargle three times

8. Rinse the nostril three times with the right hand and clean the nose with the left hand.

9. Wash the face three times from the top of forehead to below the chin and from one ear to the other

10. Then comb the beard with your fingers

11. Wash the right and then left hand up to and including the elbows three times

12. Make the Khilal (Clasping) of finger into each other.

13. Then wet your hands and pass it over your head. Take extra care not to start Masah from forehead, but the actual the hairy place just above forehead. Keep three fingers each hand together and wipe your hands all over the head to the back of the head. Then place the palms on the sides of head and bring forward to forehead

14. Insert the front portion if index fingers into the outer ear while turning them clock wise round the ear and then pass the inner part of thumb behind the ear

15. Perform the Masah of nape with the back of middle finger, ring finger and little finger

16. Finally wash both feet including the ankles, first right and then left

17. Also make Khilal of your toes by using the little finger of the left hand beginning from little toes to the right foot and finishing at the little toe of the left foot

18. During Wuzu keep reading this Sunnah Dua “O Allah forgive my sins and give expansion in my home and bless me in my provision.”

19. At the end recite second Kalimah and this Dua “O Allah make of those who repent and make me from those purified.”

20. Also recite Surah Al-Qadar

In the full method of wuzu as mentioned, there are some acts, if omitted or not practiced the wuzu is not valid. They are called obligatory (Farraid) acts of wuzu. Some acts are prophetic Sunnah, some are recommended and some are disliked (Makrooh), by which the reward of the wuzu is decreased.



1. To wash the face once from the hairline of the forehead to the lower part of the chin, where it meets neck and from one earlobe to the other. It is also farz (obligatory) to wash the hairs of the beard which are on the circle of face and the hairs which are longer than the circle of the face, it is desirable to wash them, not farz. If the beard is thin than both hairs and the underneath skins must be washed.

2. To wash both hands including elbows once

3. To wipe a quarter of head once with wet hands

4. To wash both feet including and up to ankles

NOTE: One should try to perform ablution fully with Sunnah and mustahabs but it is useful to know farz acts for situation where water is scarce; one is in extreme hunger or is very weak to perform all wuzu.



1. To make intention of wuzu (ablution)

2. Recite Bismillah

3. Washing the hands thrice up to wrists

4. Brushing the teeth by Miswak

5. Rinsing the inside of mouth three times

6. Cleaning and passing water into nostrils three times

7. Combing the beard (Khilal) with fingers, if the beard is thick, thrice

8. Combing fingers and toes

9. Washing each part three times

10. To wash the parts of wuzu three times

11. Continuity of washing to be maintained in such way that no part of wuzu dries before the wuzu is complete

12. Wiping of the whole head with wet hands once

13. Wiping the two ears with wet hands once

14. Maintaining the order mentioned in Quran and Sunnah

15. Not to waste water



1. To face Qiblah

2. To begin from the right

3. To wipe the (masah) nape once

4. Not to take assistance from anyone

5. To sit on a high and clean space

6. To wash all parts further than the prescribed limit

7. To use the right hand when rinsing the inside mouth or taking to the nose

8. Clean the nose with left hand

9. To recite Bismillah before washing every part of body washed in wuzu

10. To recite the supplication during wuzu

11. To recite Shahadat, the prophetic supplication and thereafter surah Al-Qadar, after wuzu

12. To wash the feet with left hand

13. To pray two cycles of prayer in the permissible time

14. To drink left over water from wuzu, while facing Qiblah and in standing posture

15. Not to shake wet hands

NOTE: Practicing the mustahab acts earns reward but there is no sin if left out.



1. To neglect not practice the sunnah acts

2. To perform ablution in an impure place

3. To talk about worldly affairs without a legal Islamic excuse

4. To clean the nose with right hand

5. To wash any organ of wuzu more than three times without any need

6. To waste water



Minor Ritual Impurity

A person becomes ritually impure in the minor sense by the following:

1. Passing of urine or stool

2. Passing wind

3. Discharge of blood which flows out of the actual wound as its place

4. Chronic vaginal discharge

5. Mouthful vomiting

6. Laughing in Salah except funeral prayer

7. Losing senses/becoming insane

8. Fainting

9. Sleeping while lying down or while supporting ones body against anything

10. Become intoxicated

11. Nose, ear or mouth bleeding will break wuzu if the redness of colour is dominant in the discharge and if it is yellow it does not break wuzu.

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