‘Umrah is Sunnah’ It is lesser pilgrimage, while Hajj is the greater pilgrimage. Umrah is valid at any time of the year. However, it is dislike by Shariat on the day of ‘Arfaa (the ninth of Dhil-Hijjah), the Day of Sacrifice, (the tenth of Dhil Hijjah), the Days of Drying of the Meat, (the eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth of Dhil-Hijjah).

The procedure of Umrah. A person already in Makkah will don his Ihraam for Umrah at a place in Makkah considered “Hill”, (i.e. outside the sacred area). This is different from the Ihraam for Hajj is taken at a place inside the sacred area (Haram) of Makkah. As for a person who has not entered Makkah, he will make Ihraam for Umrah at the Meeqaat.

Thereafter, that person making Ihraam for Umrah will circumambulate the Ka’bah, and then perform the running between Safaa and Marwah (both for Umrah). Then he will shave his head or cut his hair, and this will complete his Umrah. We have discussed the details of all these acts when we dealt with the procedure for Hajj.

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