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Ramadhan Discourses

Ramadhan 2014

[28.06.14 First Ramadhan] Endeavour, Endeavour, Endeavour

[29.06.14 – 2nd Ramadhan] The Ten Days of Mercy

[30.06.14 – 3rd Ramadhan] Unique Benefit of Fasting

[01.07.14 – 4th Ramadhan] The Mercy of Allah Azzawajal

[02.07.14 – 5th Ramadhan] Playing Our Part in Receiving Allah’s Guidance

[03.07.14 – 6th Ramadhan] Hazrat Ali’s Five Muraqabahs During Fasting (Part 1)

[05.07.14 – 8th Ramadhan] Second Muraqabah of Syiduna Ali

[08.07.14 – 11th Ramadhan] Sayida Khadija’s Three Teachings for the Ummah

[09.07.14 – 12th Ramadhan] When Does Allah (Azzawajal) Change a Person

[10.07.14 – 13th Ramadhan] Locating our Starting Point for the Journey to Allah

[13.07.14 – 16th Ramadhan] Mercy that Allah had on Shaytaan

[14.07.14 – 17th Ramadhan] What to do before Itikaf


[18.07.14 – 21st After Isha] Psychology of Shaytaan

[18.07.14] Durood Majlis (Itiqaaf – Day 1)

[19.07.14 – 22nd After Isha] Teachings of Hazrat Ali

[19.07.14] Durood Majlis (Itiqaaf – Day 2)

[19.07.14] Masnoon Azkars

Ramadhan 2013

1st Ramadhan – How to Plan Your Day in Ramadhan

2nd Night of Ramadhan (Urdu) | Dhikr

3rd Night of Ramadhan (Urdu) | Dhikr

[13.07.13] Praise only Suits Allah (Azzawajal) | Dhikr

[15.07.13] The Fast of the Tongue | Dhikr

[16.07.13] Master of the Day of Judgement | Dhikr

[17.07.13] The three Categories Mentioned in Surah Fatheha | Dhikr

[18.07.13] The Subject of Human in the Qura’an | Dhikr

[19.07.13] Durood Majlis Discourse | Durood Majlis

[20.07.13] Dhikr

[21.07.13] The Owner of Day of Judgement | Dhikr

[22.07.13] The Real Owner is Allah | Dhikr

[23.07.13] The Reasons for Love | Dhikr

[24.07.2013] Where is the Justice?

[25.07.13] ‘You Alone do we Worship’ | Dhikr

[26.07.13] Reality of Sincerity

[27.07.13] Giving Preference to Allah

[28.07.13] Lessons from the life of Hazrat Khadijah

[29.07.13] The Key to the Quraan

[30.07.13] The three Promises

[30.07.13] The Virtues and teachings of Syyiduna Ali (radiuallahu anhu

[31.07.13] Two Factors for Motivation

[31.07.13] What one should do in the night of Qadar

[01.08.13] The Prerequisites of the Journey

[01.08.13] Keeping Laylatul Qadar Alive Throughout the Year

[02.08.13] The Three Conditions to Success

[03.08.13] Means for Remaining within Allah’s Protection

[04.08.13] The Four Signs of Taqwa

[04.08.13] The Mercy of Allah (Azzawajal)

Durood and Salaam Majlis

[29.07.13] Durood Majlis
[30.07.13] Durood Majlis
[31.07.13] Durood Majlis
[01.08.13] Durood Majlis
[02.08.13] Durood Majlis
[03.08.13] Durood Majlis
[04.08.13] Durood Majlis
[05.08.13] Durood Majlis
[06.08.13] Durood Majlis
[07.08.13] Durood Majlis
[08.08.13] Durood Majlis


Ramadhaan 2012
[09.08.12] Guidance On How To Spend Time In I’tikaaf
Virtues of Masnoon Adhkars
[17.08.12] The 3 Quls & Hadith
[16.08.12] Surah Ikhlas & Special Hadith
[15.08.12] Surah Hashr & Hadith
[14.08.12] Masnoon Azkars and dreams
[14.08.12] Masnoon Azkars
[13.08.12] HasbiAllah & Hadiths
[12.08.12] Last 2 Ayat of Surah Bakarah & Hadiths
[11.08.12] Aytul Kursi & Hadiths
[10.08.12] Surah Fathiyah & Iytul Kursi 2nd&3rd Hadiths
[09.08.12] Durrod shareef and Radeeth bilAllah
Durood & Salaam Majlis
[17.08.12] Durood And Salaam Majlis
[12.08.12] Durood And Salaam Majlis
[11.08.12] Durood And Salaam Majlis
[10.08.12] Durood And Salaam Majlis
[09.08.12] Durood And Salaam Majlis
Discourses After Zuhr
[18.08.12] The Summary of Elumination
[17.08.12] Four States of Human Bieng & Their Reactions
[16.08.12] Having the Right Reactions to Different States & Situations
[15.08.12] The Art Of Interrupting satanic & egoistic whispers
[14.08.12] Steps to Avoid Falling Into Shatanic Whispers
[13.08.12] Closing the Doors to Desires and The Devils
[12.08.12] Accepting The Right Invitation in Dunya
[11.08.12] The Background of Our Story
[10.08.12] Knowing Our Identity

Discourses After Tarawi

[17.08.12] The 2 Essences of the Quran Presence of Allah & Life of Sunnah
[16.08.12] How To Tacle the Mind
[15.08.12] The Way to Eternal success
[14.08.12] Summary of the Path to Allah
[13.08.12] The Prequsites of the Path To Allah
[11-12.08.12] Speach by guest speaker
[10.08.12] The Vehicles along the Path to Allahs Pleasure
[09.08.12] The Greatest Worship One Can Do On The Night Of Power
[08.08.12] Understanding Role of a true servant & of his Lord
[05.08.12] The Status Of Steadfastness In The Face Of Sin
[04.08.12] There are some sins which invalidate a person’s good deeds
[29.07.12] One Of The Three Things That Is greater Source of Fitna Than Dajjal
[28.07.12] Acts of Worship which are means of Kafara for minor sins
[27.07.12] Importance Of Safeguarding Our Hearing Dhikr
[26.07.12] Those Who Displease Their Parents
[25.07.12] Status of the Fast of Ramadhan Dhikr
[24.07.12] Amongest The Ones Who Dont get Forgiven
[23.07.12] The Blessing Of One Prostration In Ramadhan
[22.07.12] The Three Components Of Keenah
[21.07.12] What the Fast Really is
[20.07.12] How to See Time in this Month Dhikr
Ramadhaan 2011

Discourses After Tarawi

[31.07.11] 1st Night of Ramadhan
[01.08.11] 3 Categories for Whom Fardh and Nafl are Not Accepted
[02.08.11] Finding Yourself in the Quran
[03.08.11] Eight Categories Mentioned in the Qur’an
[04.08.11] How to Check Your Fast
[05.08.11] The Message from any Calamity
[06.08.11] Obeying the Loved One
[07.08.11] Five Essential Questions of Day Of Judgment
[08.08.11] Attaining Lessons from the Story of Yusuf (alaihissalam)
[09.08.11] Reacting to False Allegations
[10.08.11] Durud Majlis – Acting on Knowledge and Fulfilling Rights of Creation
[11.08.11] How To Take Our Good Deeds With Us
[12.08.11] To Who Is Allah ‘The All Forgiving’
[13.08.11] The Night Of Ascension (Miraj) In Relation To Our Lives
[14.08.11] The Relevance of Self Purification According to the Quran
[16.08.11] How To Save yourself From Marrying The Daughter (Dunya) Of Shaitan
[19.08.11] Submitting To The Commands Of Allah In Times Of Difficulty and Ease
[20.08.11] How To Fulfill The Ahad We Have Taken
[20.08.11] General Guidance and Masla of Itekaf
[21.08.11] The 50 Daunting Questions Each Person Will Be Asked on The Day of Judgement
[24.08.11] The 50 Daunting Questions Each Person Will Be Asked On The Day Of Judgment
[25.08.11] The 50 Daunting Questions Each Person Will Be Asked On The Day Of Judgment
[26.08.11] The Indicators For A Person Of Successful Ramadan
[26.08.11] Signs For An Accepted Tawbah (forgivness)
[27.08.11] Signs For An Accepted Tawbah (forgiveness)
[29.08.11] The Daunting Questions Asked On The Pul Sirat

Discourses After Zuhr (During Itikaaf)

[21.08.11 PTA 1] The Definition of Success (Falah) According to Allah and His Prophets
[22.08.11 PTA 2] The Function of Having the Correct Aqeedah (Beliefs)
[23.08.11 PTA 3] The Right Goals of Life
[25.08.11] The Explanation Of The Sins of the Eyes, Ears, Stomach and Private Parts
[26.08.11] The Different Reactions To Giving Dawah
[27.08.11] The Art Of Thought Control
[28.08.11] Avoiding The Two Extremes
[29.08.11] The Signs Of A Successful Ramadhan

Fazails of Adhkars (After Fajr)

[20.08.11] Virtues of Masnoon Azkars (part 1)
[21.08.11] Virtues of Masnoon Azkars (part 2)
[22.08.11] Virtues of Masnoon Azkars (part 3)
[23.08.11] Virtues of Masnoon Azkars (part 4)
[24.08.11] Virtues of Masnoon Azkars (part 5)
[25.08.11] Virtues of Masnoon Azkars (part 6)
[26.08.11] Virtues of Masnoon Azkars (part 7)
[27.08.11] Virtues of Masnoon Azkars (part 8)
[28.08.11] Virtues of Masnoon Azkars (part 9)
[29.08.11] Virtues of Masnoon Azkars (part 10)

Durood and Salaam Majaalis

[20.08.11] Durood Majlis
[21.08.11] Durood Majlis
[24.08.11] Durood Majlis
[25.08.11] Durood Majlis
[27.08.11] Durood Majlis
[28.08.11] Durood Majlis
[30.08.11] Durood Majlis
[30.08.11] End Naseeha & Admonition
Ramadhaan 2010
[09.09.10] Session after Zuhr the Enlightment of the Soul
[09.09.10] 9th Session of Durood Majlis
[09.09.10] Session after Isha ‘The Punishments of Women’
[08.09.10] The Commonality of the Tareeq with all the Divinely Reaveld Religions
[07.09.10] Session After Isha
[07.09.10] 6th Session After Zuhur
[06.09.10] Session 5 after Zuhr ‘What is Ihsan’
[06.09.10] 5th Session Durood Majlis
[05.09.10] Session After Isha
[05.09.10] The Path to Allah Session 5
[04.09.10] 4th Session of Durood
[04.09.10] Path to Allah Session after Zuhr
[04.09.10] After Isha Session
[03.09.10] Shamial
[02.09.10] 2nd session after zuhr
[01.09.10] 2nd session durood majlis
[01.09.10] 1st Session After Zuhr
[31.08.10 Ramadhan] 1st night ietekaf durood majlis
[31.08.10] 1st Night Ietekaf After Tarawi
[30.08.10] Naseeha
[29.08.10 Ramadhan] Fulfilling Responsibilities
[28.08.10 Ramadhan] Naseeha
[27.08.10] Naseeha
[26.08.10] Naseeha
[25.08.10] Golden Principle of Tareeq re Feelings
[24.08.10] Golden Principle of Tareeq
[23.08.10 Ramadhan] Naseeha
Ramadhaan 2009
[19.09.09] 9th Session of Tareeq Halqah
[18.09.09] Hadith after Isha
[18.09.09] 8th Session of Tareeq Halqah
[17.09.09] 7th Session of Tareeq Halqah
[16.09.09] 6th Session of Tareeq Halqah
[15.09.09] Hadith after Isha
[15.09.09] 5th Session of Tareeq Halqah
[14.09.09] 4th Session of Tareeq Halqah
[14.09.09] Hadith after Isha
[13.09.09] 3rd Session of Tareeq Halqah
[12.09.09] Hadith after Isha
[12.09.09] 2nd Session of Tareeq Halqah
[11.09.09] Hadith after Isha
[11.09.09] First session of Tareeq Halqah
[10.09.09] First night of ietekaf
[08.09.09] Hadith regarding when people came to the Prophet
[28.08.09] Hadith Regarding the One Who Fall in the Path to Allah
[27.08.09 Ramadhan] Hadith Related to Those Who Follow the Sunnah and Those Who Don’t
[26.08.09 Ramadhan] Hadith Releated to the 1st Objective
[25.08.09 Ramadhan] Things Become Easier With Love
[23.08.09 Ramadhan] The Real You
Ramadhaan 2007
12.09.07 Ramadhaan dhikr
13.09.07 Ramadhaan biyaan
14.09.07 Ramadhaan biyaan
15.09.07 Ramadhaan biyaan
16.09.07 Ramadhaan biyaan
18.09.07 Ramadhaan biyaan
19.09.07 Ramadhaan biyaan
20.09.07 Ramadhaan biyaan
22.09.07 Ramadhaan biyaan
25.09.07 Ramadhaan biyaan
26.09.07 Ramadhaan biyaan
27.09.07 Ramadhaan biyaan
28.09.07 Ramadhaan biyaan
30.09.07 Ramadhaan biyaan
02.10.07 Introduction to Ietikhaaf

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